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Fireplace eBook Help

Problem Getting Your eBook?

If you did not receive the email for your ebook, please check your spam folder. We have had some problems getting caught in these email filters.

We check periodically to see if everyone has downloaded their books. If you haven't downloaded yours we will likely send you another email in a day or two. We generally try this from different accounts to see if we can get through. If you have another email account, sometimes it helps to send us that address too. Just send it to info@homebedazzle.com

You can always call us at 650-637-1546 if you still are not getting the email.

Problem Reading Your eBook?

The native Mac .pdf reader does not work with our book. You need to use the Adobe Reader

We have had an occasional problem where someone had to upgrade to the latest version of the Adobe reader in order to read the book. This has only happened about three times out of 1000 downloads. But if you are not able to read it with Adobe, you may want to try upgrading.

Misplace Your Link?

Did purchase our book but misplace the link? Please click here to retrieve it.

You have the book and can read it, but still don't know what to do about your fireplace?

Email us a picture. We love this kind of challenge! Just send it to info@homebedazzle.com