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Here are some great fireplace remodels from people who used our book "How to Remodel a Fireplace" to redesign their fireplaces. You may also want to check out our tool recommendations for this project.

Michael's Fireplace Before the Remodel

Fireplace Before Remodel

This is a wonderful fireplace makeover!

Michael's fireplace was a very typical painted brick.

After Fireplace Remodel

Fireplace After Remodel

Michael did a custom mantel and then used American Clay for his fireplace surround. He then tiled the hearth. This new fireplace look has great depth and texture which creates a warmth and elegance in the room.

Jeff's Fireplace Before Remodel

Floor to ceiling fireplace before remodel

Jeff did a beautiful job remodeling his floor to ceiling fireplace. This picture isn't completely "before". He had already started the tile work on the hearth which was the same brick as the surround.

Jeff's Fireplace After Remodel

fireplace after remodel

Jeff came up with his own classic look and did a great job on the proportions.

Mike D.'s Fireplace Before the Remodel

Fireplace Before Remodel

Mike was the person who inspired us to finally write the book. When he asked if we wanted to come out to Michigan in the winter time, we knew it was time to start typing!

Mike's fireplace was quite dated as you can see from this before picture.

After Fireplace Remodel

Fireplace After Remodel

Mike did a beautiful job picking two types of tile that complemented the room.

His fireplace was quite deep, so he needed to do a completely custom mantel which he used it as an opportunity to show off some beautiful craftsmanship.

Panel Detail

Here is a closer look at the detail on the side panel of Mike's fireplace.

Thank you Mike for sharing the pictures of your beautiful craftsmanship!


"What seemed a daunting task for a Do-It-Yourselfer, turned into a fun  project with the help of your E book! From start to finish, it's an  outstanding source of information any novice can understand. Much  better than the overpriced and vague books I purchased beforehand! Thanks again,"
-- Mike D.
Grosse Ile, Mi.

Lisa's Fireplace Before

Fireplace Before Refacing

Lisa's Fireplace had a plain brick fireplace surround. She used our book for design inspiration and to understand the process and then brought in trades people to do the work.

Lisa's Fireplace After

Fireplace refaced with Onyx Stone

Lisa found a fabulous honey beige onyx stone from Italy.

The result adds a graceful elegance to her living room. (In this picture there is still some trim work to be complete around the base of the pilasters.)

Thank you Lisa for sharing the pictures and inspiring us with your unique and beautiful selection of surround material!

Mike T.'s Floor to Ceiling Fireplace Before

Brick Fireplace Before Remodel

Mike's fireplace dominated the room and looked dated.  He had limitations on what he could do with a mantel because of the door crowding the fireplace.

The New Fireplace

Brick Fireplace Refaced with Tile

Mike's new fireplace design transformed the room.

He mirrored the shape of the hearth in the shape of the mantel which continued a nice design element and allowed him to deal with the problem of the door being so close.

Thank you Mike for sharing the pictures of your beautiful new fireplace!

"I am not a skilled craftsman, just a retired tax collector (manager) and my tools are limited. I just followed your book from floating the bricks, tiling, mantel construction, framing and drywall. I even used the type of masonry screws you recommended. I am very pleased with how it turned out."

-- Mike T.

Mark's Fireplace Before the Remodel

Fireplace Before Remodel

Mark had a special issue with his remodel in that he had fireplace vents embedded in the fireplace. Since he still wanted to use it as a wood burning fireplace he could not block these vents.

Mark's Fireplace After Remodel

Fireplace After Remodel

Old brick can be really lovely when it is updated with a new mantel. Mark came up with a great solution of getting rid of some of the brick and then adding a nice wood mantel.

Here is what Mark had to say about his project: "After looking for tile to replace the brick with no luck, I didn't like any of the tiles out there for what I wanted, so I cleaned the brick and clear coated it. Removed the upper brick and sheetrocked it and designed and built the mantle for it. The mantle is made from Maple (Natural Color) with 6 coats of clear finish and the floors are hand scrapped red cherry.

"I want to thank you for your web page and the book that I got from you. They had lots of great ideas and gave me some more ideas." -- Mark

Karen's Fireplace Before the Remodel

Fireplace Before Remodel

This fireplace was a real challenge. What would you have done? That mantel is a metal shelf. The fireplace is gas, not wood burning, so the clearances were not that much of an issue.

Karen's Fireplace After Remodel

Fireplace After Remodel

Karen did an amazing job on this fireplace. She left the metal mantel shelf in place, but covered it with crown molding and then used molding to frame out the overmantel.

I'm adding a close up of the hearth because I love how the texture of the stone works so well with the beautiful tiles on the hearth. This is a stunning remodel of a very challenging fireplace!

Fireplace After Remodel

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Do these pictures inspire you to remake the look of your fireplace? Please take a look at our fireplace remodeling book for design ideas and concepts.